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Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Well our bear hunting packages will no doubt send tingles through your body. We have one of the most thrilling bear hunting experiences around and we'd love to take you on this adventure! Be sure to check out our bear hunt specials and reserve your spot now because we limit the amount of bear hunting to preserve quality.

Please find these testimonials from our guests useful in choosing our fishing camp as you next destination! Please Email Us if you have any questions, we are always happy to help you.

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Testimonials - Bear Hunting:


Hello Dennis,

Sorry you guys didnt do so well, those look like really nice spots. Believe it or not, it bothers me all the time around this time of year, when I can't come up cause of work. I really enjoy being at your place, I have been on quite a few hunting trips in my life, and by far I have never enjoyed myself or ever cared about going back to the same place like I do yours.

You, Deb and the rest of your family are truly great people, I surely hope that the boys and I get to come out next year if you have an opening or work isnt so darn busy. The boys really want to get a bear and there isnt any other place they want to get one.

Do you have any more hunters coming this year and did any of those hunters get anything from those two baits that were being hit?

well thank you for getting back to me, once again its always a pleasure talking to you. Tell everyone I said hello.

Erick M.
Medicine Stone Fishing & Hunting Trip Customer


Testimonial from a past customer:

When I told everyone we may have to cancel, I did not realize how much and how passionate they were about the good times they had last year.

Brian, his friend and all the rest of them said it was one of the greatest hunting/fishing trips of all time. So let's just go ahead and keep the same week as last year and I will make it work for at least 4 bear hunters and at least 5 fisherman.

Lee Crook
2015 Medicine Stone Fishing & Hunting Trip Booking


I was recently looking at the testimonials on the Medicine Stone Lake Resort web site. Noticed there were no new ones. I have never written one before, however I’m compelled to comment about this resort. I have been coming to Canada since 1976, coming once or twice annually. I had been going to another resort - wonderful people and fair fishing. I have been coming here for the last 5 or 6 years and can say it is absolutely the best walleye fishing I’ve ever experienced anywhere. I now come 3 times per year. Spring, summer and with a group for bear hunting the first week on September.

The fishing in the spring is mostly in one bay - loaded with fish, walleye and northern.  Summer is excellent reef fishing with some excellent lake trout spots. Fall we found excellent walleye fishing with aggressive full bodied fish on reefs.
 My wife, son and his family love this place. A summer vacation spent here was spent with water sports and excellent fishing.  The grandchildren even forgot about their electronic devices.

I have a nephew who is paralyzed; however is an excellent hunter. He has hunted bear in Manitoba and Minnesota - bagging two small bears.  Last fall he came bear hunting with 3 others. We had a total of 14 in camp, 4 bear hunters and 10 fishermen. We ate walleyes every day until they came out our ears!

My nephew bagged a 400 lb. plus bear with his bow. He was a very happy man and his uncle (me) looked really good having invited him. He told me it was the best camp he has ever been to.

Now all this may not be for everyone. There is no electrical, no TV and Dennis has a no take home of fish rule and a harvest limit of 18” on walleye. But do you know what?  I’m 69 and my son is 43 and both of us agree the rules that protect the fishery here are well worth it. We live in Iowa, travel to Lake Erie in the spring, catch and freeze our summer supply of walleye. Don’t really like to fish Lake Erie, too rough.

Thank you so much Debbie, Dennis and family for caring for your resources.

Lee Crook
2014 Medicine Stone Fishing & Hunting Trip


In 2012 we have returned to Medicine Stone Lake Resort & Outpost for the third time to bear hunt, and just as expected there has been no changes from the previous years, four for five in a week.

We got lots of bear photos on the trail cameras and most of them of great size to choose from.

Not only was the hunt great but the fishing was exceptional again this year fish after fish.

So once again we would like to thank you Dennis and Deb for the great hospitality and friendship, not only for making our 2012 bear hunt a success, but for treating us like family.

P.S. we are looking forward to the 2013 season you will be sure to see us.

Sincerely yours,

Erick, Mike, Rob, Evan, and Jim
2012 Pittsburg Pa.


I can't say enough about our experience at Medicine Stone Lake and Resort. Booked our first bear hunt in 2009 and to no surprise, it was the best trip we've ever been on.

Seen numerous bears and the three of us filled our tags within a couple of days. We fished the rest of the week. Every cast, and I mean every cast, we were reeling in fish, both Walleye and Northern Pike. We couldn't have asked for a better trip or a better place to go.

Our same group booked another trip in 2010. This time there were five hunters, with ten active baits and hundreds of trail cam photos of both black and color phased bears. There was no question about filling our tags. Five for five in less than one week.

Once again the fishing was fabulous. Two years in a row 2009-2010 same group with one hundred percent success and a lifetime of memories. We will not hesitate to book another trip.

Dennis and Deb are the owners. The two of them and their family are truly the best you could ask for. They go above and beyond to make
sure you have everything you need to make your stay a great one. Whether you want to hunt or fish or just relax, this is the place to go. There is something for everyone.

Thanks a million for being super people, from all of us!

J.P., Eric and Mike 2010 Pittsburgh PA,
J.P., Eric, Mike, Rob and Anthony 2010, Pittsburgh PA and the two boys


What an experience! I have never been so thrilled to stay in one spot for a whole week but the amount of adventure your resort offers is simply amazing! We did 2 bear hunts and fished the rest of the time and I'm still tingling from the experience. Smiles ear-to-ear on all of us and we look forward to coming back next season!

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and unforgetable experience!

James D.
Mike H.
Patrick D.
Thomas F.

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