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Blue Walleye Fishing in Ontario

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The Campbell Status Report of 1985 officially declared the Blue Walleye extinct. The last Blue Walleye to be officially recognized as a Blue Walleye by the MNR was caught in Lake Erie in 1965.

If the Blue Walleye is extinct, someone forgot to tell us! We are one of the few resorts in Ontario where you can continue to catch this rare species of fish.

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Medicine Stone Lake, Hy-Vee Lake, Kitty Hawk and Trophy Lake all have Blue Walleye or have easy access to Blue Walleye. There are a few other lakes in the Red Lake area with Blue Walleye and there have also been some reports of Blue Walleye in lakes north of Nakina.

Why Are Blue Walleye Blue?

Biologists used to say the two Walleyes are different colors because they came from different lakes with different acidity levels. We are catching regular Walleyes (Yellow Pickerel) right in the same holes as the Blue Walleyes. New research has discovered that it's a prehistoric bacterium in the Walleye's slime that causes them to turn Blue.

We know one thing; Blue Walleye fight like little devils and taste fantastic.

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