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Fishing And Hunting Trips At Medicine Stone Resort, Ontario

Medicine Stone Resort and Outposts offers quality secluded drive-in and remote fly-in fishing opportunities for trophy Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Blue Walleye. Where else can you have an entire lake all to yourself? We also have a secret trophy Muskie lake and drive-to Smallmouth Bass lakes.

We are also one of the few resorts that provide bear hunting in Canada. Our hunts take place each year in the spring and in the fall. Spring hunts have proven to be exceptionally rewarding and exciting!

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2018 Spring Black Bear Hunting Update!

Experience some of the best bear hunting in North America! Our spring bear hunts are back and bookings are open!

Spring bear hunting runs from May 1 through June 15.

This year, all of our baits had active bears, which resulted in some of the best hunts we have ever had! Book your hunting adventure now!

Seven day Hunt: $1,800 USD (plus applicable taxes and fees)
We only book one group at a time during any of the hunting weeks and the group must be four or more hunters.

**Please note: We do our very best to ensure all hunters have at least two active baits, but due to Mother Nature, if we do not have an active bait available and a hunter does not install his stand, he will be refunded $800.00 USD of the hunting fee.

For more info, please view our black bear hunting details page.

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 Medicine Stone Resort Rates

Taxes Not Included
All Rates are in US FUNDS

Cabin Rental
Adults (18 and older)
Kids (12 to 17)
Kids 11 and younger

Nightly Rate
$70 per night per person
$35 per night per person
No charge
(minimum charge in effect)

 Minimum charge for Cabins 3 & 4

$1,200 per week (4 person capacity)

 Minimum charge for Cabin 2

$1,400 per week (6 person capacity)

 Minimum charge for Cabin 1

$1,400 per week (10 person capacity)

Black Bear Hunting

Spring Hunt: May 1 - June 15
Fall Hunt: August 15 - September 30

$1,800 per week (view full rate details)

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Medicine Stone Resort is located on Upper Medicine Stone Lake, 15 miles west of Red Lake, in Northern Ontario. The main resort has the unique opportunity of being secluded, yet still accessible by road (private). The atmosphere very much resembles that of an outpost camp. All of our drive-in and fly-in cabins are light housekeeping cabins.

The drive-in resort will appeal to those looking for convenient access while the fly-in outpost will appeal to those looking for complete isolation and solitude. Trophy walleye, northern pike and lake trout fishing opportunities are equal, regardless of whether guests choose the drive-in resort or fly-in outpost locations. Our fly-in fishing outpost camps are located on Hy-vee Lake, Kitty Hawk Lake and Trophy Lake.

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    A Little About Medicine Stone Resort & Outpost:

    The Medicine Stone Basin is one of the most rugged and beautiful areas of Northern Ontario. The lakes themselves contain a wide variety of structures and depths (up to 120 ft), guaranteeing consistent fishing action year-round. The cool spring fed waters are rich in oxygen, keeping the walleye and lake trout active even in July and August, while the shallow bays and reefs harbour trophy northern pike.

    Upper and Lower Medicine Stone Lake derive there names from a unique rock formation believed by the local natives to have unique healing powers. Guests agree that the twin lakes have mystical powers, leaving their visitors enchanted and in awe.

    The province of Ontario contains over 61,000 sq. miles of freshwater lakes and rivers. That's enough water to completely cover the state of Illinois. You will find no shortage of lakes to fish, nor will you need to rub elbows or shoulders with other anglers. Our outpost cabins stand alone, so you will have the entire lake all to yourself.

    Black Bear Hunting Trips

    Spring and fall Black Bear Hunting Trips are staged from the main drive-in resort. Hunters have the opportunity of seeing black bear in excess of 500 lbs. Our black bear range in colour from light brown to jet black. Our black bear hunting management unit is huge, covering an area that is almost half the size of Rhode Island. The 3rd largest black bear in North America was taken from the Red Lake area (over 750 lbs). Black bear hunting at its best.

    Unforgettable Fly-In Fishing

    We thank you for your interest and assure you that a trip to Northwestern Ontario is truly an unforgettable experience. If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to Contact Us at your convenience. Thank You, and we look forward to seeing you soon at Medicine Stone Resort and Outposts.

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