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If you are looking for a remote fly-in fly-out fishing experience look no further. Our Ontario fly-in outpost camp & cabins is one of the most secluded, well preserved fishing areas in Ontario. Experience the thrill of catching trophy size Northern Pike or Walleye. Give us a call today to find out how we can help make your next Ontario Fly In Outpost fishing trip a success!

We are always happy to answer any questions our customers may have. Please feel free to Email Us or call us with any inquiries:

Trophy Lake Outpost Camp:

Fish Species: Northern Pike, Walleye

Cabin: The newly built log cabin is the only one on the lake and can accommodate groups as large as 6 persons. It is equipped with hot & cold running water, inside hot shower, stove and oven, refrigerator and chest freezer. This cabin is also fully stocked with all of your cooking and eating utensils. A fire pit and charcoal Barbeque is available for outdoor cooking. Sit around a fire in the evening, watch the stars and listen to the loons on the lake. One thing you will notice about this and all of our locations is the absolute quiet in the evening. It is so quiet that it is hard to get used to hearing silence. Satellite phone is available for emergency uses.

Package Includes:

  • 14' boats with 9.9 hp motors
  • unlimited supply of gas
  • propane lights, fridge, freezer and cooking stove
  • wood stove for cool spring and fall nights
  • complete cooking and eating utensils
  • beds with foam mattress and pillows
  • water pump
  • shower w/hot water tank
  • quiet solar power w/battery backup
  • flights into and out of outpost
  • fire pit for evening campfires
  • satellite phone is available for emergency uses

Brief Description:

Trophy Lake remote outpost is located only fifteen miles southwest of Red Lake and is the only cabin on this chain of five lakes. Four of these lakes provide fishing for fabulous northern pike fishing and one lake also has walleye. You will find a good number of larger northern pike inhabit these waters. The average size northern pike caught will be between three and five pounds and you will find non-stop action for these sizes in upper and lower Trophy Lake. Insect and Clear Lakes will provide a larger average size in the five pound size and good numbers of 12 pound to 20 Ibs plus trophy northern pike.

One very important item is that you must agree to our NORTHERN PIKE catch and release system. You can catch and eat several delicious meals of Pike but the ones you keep for meals must be under 27" in length. During each year we only book a maximum of 72 guests. As with all of our locations, this is done to ensure the quality of fishing for years to come.

Expandable & Printable Map of Trophy Lake (.pdf)

------The "ultimate" northern pike experience------

Ontario Fly-in Outpost Cabins
Ontario Fly-in Outpost Cabins

Ontario Fly-in Outpost Cabins
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