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Lake Trout Fishing - Medicine Stone Resort

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Lake Trout At Medicine Stone Lake:
This Ontario lake was made for Lake Trout Fishing. The bottom of the lake is shaped like waves coming in-and-out of deep holes that go down to 160 feet. Lake Trout that are deeper than 70 feet on a northern lake generally don't feed. When they feed them come shallower to feast on the schools of Lake Herring and Shad that school out in the open water or around shoals, islands, humps and drop-offs. There are lots of such places on the lake and Lake Trout fishing is spectacular. Lake Trout can be caught in all sizes from little pan-fryers to 15-pound Lunkers. Lake Trout are most common in the 2 to 5-pound range. On a lake as big as Medicine Stone, we know there are lot of Lake Trout over 20-pounds because we see them on the surface in the spring. A big old trout like that is smart and hard to hook.

Right after ice-out, Lakers are shallow and people fishing for Pike and Walleye Catch them. They can also be caught free-trolling with Cleos and Rapalas along the shore. In Late Spring, Lake Trout generally stay in the 15 to 25-foot range and can still be caught free-trolling with lures that go deeper. By mid-June to the end of august, the Lake Trout stay in the 30 to 40-foot range and are still easy to catch with a 3-way swivel rig, downriggers or using a simple plain jig hook and minnow and drifting with the wind over the shoals. It's impossible to predict how many you can catch in a day because every experienced Lake Trout fisherperson knows they turn on and off like a light switch because of their sensitivity to light and atmospheric conditions. The best time for Lake Trout fishing on Medicine Stone lake is 11:00 am to mid afternoon around 4:00 pm during a bright hot sunny day The record for Lakers is 33 in two hours between two boats and four rookie fisherman. All of the Lakers where caught over the same shoal using a simple jig hook and minnow in 30 - 40 feet of water.

Lake Trout At Kitty Hawk Lake:
There are no Lake Trout in Kitty Hawk Lake as it's a shallow Walleye and Northern Pike lake. Attached to Kitty Hawk is Cornpicker Lake. Cornpicker Lake is a spring-fed lake and teaming with Lake Trout. The average size may be smaller than Medicine Stone Lake and big trophy lunker trout are not as common but Cornpicker Lake is fun because the trout are concentrated and you can catch tons of them. We have had guest report catching 40 Lake Trout in a day.

In Cornpicker Lake, the trout are more common in the 1 to 4-pound range. Being a spring-fed lake they do not all go deep in the summer. Right in the hottest days of August guests have caught trout as shallow as 15 feet deep. What really makes this a fun lake is the trout are plentiful and they are everywhere. This is the time when you grab your ultra-light gear and just jig for them. Catching a 4-pound Lake Trout on ultra-light gear is like catching a 20-pound pike on medium action gear. It's so much fun. People fishing for Lake Trout in Cornpicker Lake also bring up some massive size Walleyes, which adds to the adventure of the lake.

Please Remember: Lakers will relieve the air from their air bladder coming up from the deep but they are still conditioned to be down deep so you need to let them go quickly. Walleye cannot relieve their air bladders and must be let go right away or they will die. Guests do catch big Walleyes down deep while Lake Trout fishing.

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