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Outpost Fishing Camp - Hyvee Lake

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Hyvee Lake is our most remote outpost location. It is located 32 air miles northwest of Red Lake, near the boundary of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. With its many bays and sunken reefs, Hyvee Lake provides an unusual amount of structure and fish habitat. This accounts for the amazing fishery, with Walleye and Northerm Pike being both plentiful and healthy. There is a portage at the south end of the lake, which leads to a very special lake with lots of Blue Walleye as well as Yellow Walleye (Yellow Pickerel). Hyvee lake has depths to 48 feet with two inlets and one main outlet river. You will find that the average sized Walleye is between 17"-19": The largest was 29.5 inches and Northern Pike average 24"-30" with the larger Pike up around 42 inches.

At Hyvee, we limit the number of guests that are allowed to fish its 2.5 miles each year to a maximum of 72 guests. We self imposed these limits to ensure that the quality of fishing remains consistent for years to come..

Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike

Cabin: A recently constructed log cabin will accommodate groups as large as 8 guests. It is the only cabin on Hyvee. As with all of our cabins Hyvee is quite large, spacious, well equipped and comfortable. Here you have hot & cold running water with an inside shower, large stove & oven, full sized refrigerator and chest freezer. The cabin is well stocked with all of your cooking and eating utensils. A fire pit is provided to have an evening fire and listen to the loons on the lake. We also provide a charcoal barbeque for you to grill to your heart's content.

Package Includes:

  • 14' boats with 9.9 hp motors
  • unlimited supply of gas
  • propane lights, fridge, freezer and cooking stove
  • wood stove for cool spring and fall nights
  • complete cooking and eating utensils
  • beds with foam mattress and pillows
  • water pump
  • shower w/hot water tank
  • quiet solar power w/battery backup
  • flights into and out of outpost
  • charcoal Barbeque
  • fire pit for evening campfires
  • satellite phone is available for emergency uses

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Ontario Outpost Camps

Ontario Outpost Camps
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Ontario Outpost Camps
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