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Walleye Fishing At Medicine Stone Resort

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Experience walleye fishing at its finest by visiting our resort in the Red Lake region of Ontario, Canada. We carefully manage our lakes so that stock levels of Walleye remain high all-year-round. You can enjoy fishing for Walleye at either our main, drive-in resort or in the remoteness of our fly-in outposts. All our cabins are roomy and cozy and our lakes, in addition to Walleye, are plentiful with Trout, Pike, Muskie and many more fish species. Mix this with breathtaking scenery, a peaceful environment and plenty of hot spots to fish, we guarantee you won't want to leave!

We can accommodate singles, families, or groups with up to 10 people in one cabin. Let us help plan your next fishing trip. Please feel free to Email Us or call us with any inquiries you may have:1-807-735-2353

Walleye Fishing Information And Gallery:

Fish For Walleye At Our 4 Outpost Camps

Medicine Stone Lake:
We have a group of six regular guests who know the lake and come in for 7 days each year. During this period they will easily catch well over 300 walleyes. Most of the Walleye are caught in the morning and late evening (20 - 30 Walleye each period per fisherman). During the day when the walleye fishing is slow, guests will switch to lake trout fishing. The record for lakers is 33 in two hours between two boats and four rookie fisherman. All of the lakers were caught using a simple jig hook and minnow in 20 - 40 feet of water. Walleye and Lake Trout fishing actually picks up equal to or better than spring fishing in late July to end of August.

Kitty Hawk Lake Outpost:
The average size Walleye on Kitty Hawk Lake is around 17"-19" and there are plenty of them. You will catch many in the 1 to 4 pound range with days when they are hitting so hard that you just lose count. Once you get to know the hot spots on the lake, you will catch 40 to 60 Walleyes in a day easily. It depends on how much time you spend fishing. Guests have reported catching close to 100 in a day. Kitty Hawk Lake is a shallow lake and easy to fish. You also have access to Cornpicker Lake, which is deep for its size and, as a result, the big trophy Walleye go deep during the day but early morning or evening the 5 to 10-pound Walleyes come to shore to feed. Generally most of the Walleyes are smaller good-eating sizes. Kitty Hawk Lake is known for Walleyes that are fat rather than long. The Walleyes in this lake are well fed. Kitty Hawk, Murray Lakes and Walleye Lake (follow the eastern creek) are shallow. The lake, which is south east of Cornpicker Lake and up the creek system is for special Walleye fishing. It has lots of small Yellow and Blue Walleye.

Hy-vee Lake Outpost:
Hy-vee Lake is stuffed with Walleye. The average Walleye is around 2.5 pounds. In a lake this big, there are lots of Walleyes in the 27 to 28-inch range with some over 10 pounds. On an average day you can catch between 30 and 50 Walleyes. There have been really hot days when guests have reported catching and releasing 80 Walleyes in a day. The Walleye fishing is similar to Medicine Stone Lake but being a remote fly-in lake, there are days where you can catch Walleye in greater numbers.

Trophy Lake Outpost:
Trophy Lake is really a nickname for a chain of 5 lakes. Only one of the lakes has Walleye and the Walleye fishing is really good. This is a lake for people looking for a trophy Northern Pike. Rainbow Lake to the south-west is a great Walleye lake. There you will find small Walleyes, but lots of them.

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