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Muskie Fishing at Medicine Stone Resort

We do not want to divulge its name or location on the internet because we only want our customers to know about it and fish it. We have boats on the lake and guests are welcome to drive to the lake at no extra charge.

Our guests can spend the day catching monster-size Muskie. It’s an easy lake to fish and has perfect Muskie structure. There are Muskie of every size with guests catching trophies up to 50″. There are also Walleyes in the lake.

Our guests have been catching Muskie that exhibit various color patterns such as clear and barred. The lake also contains the rare Silver Muskie.

If you are interested in adding Muskie fishing to your vacation, bring up some medium-to-large casting and trolling lures. Your medium Pike rod will do fine. There is a good list of lures on our Muskie Tips page.

About the day we spent at your Muskie Lake; I have never seen a lake that has so many HUGE Muskie in it. We caught two of them and lost one that was approx. 52 inches. That lake is absolutely incredible!!!

Michael Smith

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