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Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Medicine Stone Resort

Come to Medicine Stone Resort & Outposts and enjoy spectacular fishing for Smallmouth Bass in the secluded beauty of Northwestern Ontario.

Where Will I Find Smallmouth Bass?

Smallmouth Bass are not supposed to be in the Arctic Watershed. This far north they are considered an evasive species but somehow they managed to get into two local lakes and their populations have grown to epidemic levels. This is bad news for the people that used to fish these lakes for Walleye but great news for people that like to catch lots of bass.

Our Smallmouth Bass lakes are also our Muskie lakes so we are not naming them on the Internet or giving out their location. We want to keep the identity of these lakes secret so our guests can enjoy unbelievable fishing.

Both lakes are typical Rocky Canadian Shield lakes with rocky points, shoals, and islands. The forage base is excellent with a large supply of leaches, crayfish, and minnows. There are healthy populations of feeder-fish such as Chub, Sucker, Shiners, Lake Chad, Whitefish, and Lake Herring. This is most likely why the lakes have such a high population of Smallmouth Bass and Muskie. It’s also why some of the fish are huge.

You can find places near shoals or rocky points where there are massive schools of Smallmouth Bass. They can travel in hunting packs of 100 to 300 fish. Many times our guests have found spots where they are catching 1/2-2lb bass almost every cast. When you do find these hunting packs, it’s rare for the bigger bass to be in with them.

What Size Bass Will I Find?

Large Smallmouth Bass in the 3 to 7 lb range are available but they travel in mating pairs and can be very territorial thus chasing the smaller bass out. When your arms start to get soar from reeling in 1-2lb all day, start hitting prime areas where you are not catching lots of bass. If you are not catching the small ones, there will be big bass there. Big bass are big because they are smart and very cautious. You have to be quiet and you may also have to try many different types of bait before they take your line.

When You Catch Them, Put Them Back

Both our Smallmouth Bass lakes are catch-&-release lakes. Large trophy Northern Pike are also available in this lake. However, the Pike fishing is better on Medicine Stone Lake.

Small blue Rapalas and blue Junior Thundersticks work well. The Smallmouth Bass also like small Spinner Baits, Rattle Baits and small top-water baits like Jitterbugs and Spooks. Cotton Cordell’s Rattlin Spot, Rapala Shad Rap and a Mepps Black Furry are probably the best three Smallmouth Bass lures on the market.

Off in the deeper water beside a shoal, some of the bigger bass are taken with tub jigs, especially if they have gone deep to avoid bad weather. The very best bait for a Smallmouth Bass is a hook and worm with no weight. Just cast the worm out and let it sink slowly. When it hits bottom, pull it back up with one long slow jig.

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