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Northern Pike Fishing at Medicine Stone Resort

Come for Pike fishing in secluded and beautiful surroundings at our resort in Ontario.

Guests at our resort in Northwestern Ontario are fully rewarded in their pursuit of Northern Pike. Our lakes are well protected from over fishing which means many more opportunities for our guests. If you are looking for a remote Pike fishing experience look no further. 

Pike Fishing at Our 4 Outpost Camps

Trophy Lake Outpost

Trophy Lake is a name we gave to a chain of five lakes, which are all accessible from the outpost camp. When guests specially ask for trophy Northern Pike, this is where we send them. Guests have access to Rainbow Lake, Bug Lake, Lower Bug Lake, Clear Lake, and Insect Lake. All five lakes have great Pike structure with weedy bays and weedy humps that slide off into deeper water. All these lakes have excellent Northern Pike fishing with one of the lakes having outstanding Walleye fishing. You will catch Pike of all sizes and in great numbers with guest reporting 40 to 60 Pike in a day. The biggest Northerns in the past few years have been coming out of Insect Lake. When you fish Insect Lake, you will not catch small Pike because they have all been eaten. Insect Lake is a lake where you may only catch 10 Pike in a day but they will all be big. Guests have been catching and releasing trophy Northern Pike in excess of 50 inches. A 50 inch Pike is usually around 25 lbs with a proportionate girth. We know there are bigger ones there.

Medicine Stone Lake

Upper and Lower Medicine Stone both have excellent Pike fishing. The structure of these two lakes look more like a Walleye or Lake Trout lake. There are many weedy bays and rocky points leading into bays where you will find Pike. The bigger Northern Pike seem to follow the Walleyes and some of the biggest Pike were caught while jigging for Walleye. There are also some monster Pike down deep feeding on Lake Trout and they do come shallow once in a while. You can fish along the shore and catch Pike of every size. You can also hit the weedy bays and try for a trophy. They are there. If you are in a hot Walleye spot and suddenly they stop feeding, it’s time to pull out the Pike gear because it usually means a big Pike has come into the area. There are lots of Pike over 30 inches and guests have caught and released Pike in excess of 50 inches. Dues to our catch and release conservation policy, more and more trophy Pike get caught each year.

Kitty Hawk Lake

Kitty Hawk Lake has good Northern Pike fishing but is better known for Walleyes and Lake Trout. In fact, it’s stuffed with Walleyes and Lake Trout of varying sizes. You will catch your fair share of Pike in the 3 to 5 lb range, but if you are looking for large, hot Pike action we’ll send you to our Trophy Lake Outpost.

Hyvee Lake

This lake is stuffed with Pike and Walleyes of every size. It’s known for being a hot Walleye lake but there are tons of Pike in there. You can catch Pike of every size and there are some Monsters in there with guest catching Pike in the 25 to 40 inch range. Pike average in the 24 to 30 inch range. Guests have caught Pike up to 42 inches. It’s hard to give credit to Hyvee Lake in regards to the Pike fishing because most guests that go into this lake concentrate on the fat Walleyes.

Pike Fishing Regulations

  • Limit: 4 Pike with a sport license. 2 Pike with a conservation license.
  • Restrictions: No fish between 27.5 inches and 35.5 inches and only one greater than 35.5 inches.
  • Open Season: Open All Year

The fishing was excellent. Overall we figured we caught between 850-900 fish [in a week], mostly Pike. It’s always good to get away to beautiful country and great fishing, thanks for making it happen.

Tom Donelan, 2008

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