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Rent Our Fishing Boats – Medicine Stone Resort

At Medicine Stone Resort, you can either bring your own boat and make use of our free dockage, or simply rent one of our own fishing boats. Either way, we are well equipped to handle your needs.

Main Camp Fishing Boats & Motors

We have three types of fishing boats at our resort. The Outfitter Comfort is a robust boat which will navigate all waters. The Lund Luxury boat is for guided trips only and is not available for rent. Lastly, each remote outpost camp is stocked with a 14 foot boat to use on the outpost lakes.

17.5 ft Lund Outfitter Comfort

The Outfitter is designed to get you out to the most uncharted of waters. Removable storage compartments allow for easy load in and load out throughout the day. Combine that with a spacious deck providing maximum fishability. Familiar or not, the Outfitter provides a “Get it done” attitude regardless of what you ask it to do.

The Outfitter is equipped with a 50 hp fuel injected motor, power trim for shallow waters, low idle control for trolling, live-wells, a Lowrance 5.5 HD Colour depth finder, storage compartments, and the top-of-the-line Lund fishing seats. The seats are crafted to give the boater proper back support, which makes a huge difference at the end of the day. We also supply all the legally required equipment such as paddles, anchor, bailing tin, net, and the required safety canister, which hold floating rope, whistle, and waterproof flashlight.

19.5 ft Lund Luxury with Guide

We have a camp boat, which is our guide service and not a boat rental. It’s a 19.5 ft Lund with a 225 hp motor. The boat is loaded with everything, including rear and bow Lowrance 12” HD depth finder, Minnkota trolling motors, electric down riggers, 2 live-wells and bait-wells. You can sit back, relax, be comfortable and let the guide do all the work.

Outpost Camp Fishing Boats & Motors

At our outpost camps, like most outpost camps in Ontario, we have 14 foot fishing boats with 8 hp 4-stroke motors. We have 14 foot boats at the outpost camps because we have to fly the boats in attached to the float of a floatplane and there is a limit to the size of boat we can fly-in. The high price of fuel and the cost of flying gas into the outposts required us to use small fuel-efficient motors. The boats are comfortable and the motors are fast enough to get you to any part of the outpost lake in a short time.

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17.5 Foot Lund Comfort Boat Rental

$120 /day

Limit of 2 people per boat. If your group has an odd number, it will be an additional $65 for the third person per day with unlimited gas.

Boat Rental Includes:

  • Boat and 50 hp fuel injected motor
  • Power trim for shallow waters
  • Low idle control for trolling 
  • Electric start
  • Unlimited gas
  • Lowrance 7″ HD Colour depth finder  
  • Livewell

19.5 Foot Luxury Guide Service

$350 /day

Prices are per boat per day. Boats can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Boat Rental Includes:

  • Guide  
  • Boat and 225 hp motor 
  • Unlimited gas
  • Lowrance 12” HD depth finder
  • Minnkota trolling motors
  • Electric down riggers
  • 2 livewells and baitwells

Docking & Launching

For guests who wish to bring their own boats and motors to our fishing camp, we have an excellent launch area with ample docking and we do not charge for dockage or launching. We carry an ample supply of gasoline and bait is readily available if you require it. You will truly be impressed with the location, privacy, fishing quality/options, and services. We guarantee your vacation is a memorable one.

The docks are solid and sturdy and located in a protected back bay. You can relax knowing your boat is safe.